5 reasons to choose SpeedDate over any other dating site

  1. The great number of features and functions that SpeedDate is offering its users is just plain remarkable. To illustrate, a user can reap some benefit and make the most of one of a kind communication features such as instant messaging chat, webcam chat, and video messaging chat, private mail and a wide choices of audio visual tools, among others. Users of the site also have the option to communicate through the message boards and forums. Moreover, there is a unique feature that is not offered by any other site in the market today – the SpeedDate iPhone app. This app will enable a user to access profiles that they are interested on with a few taps on their phones. This is just one of the many reasons why SpeedDate has been one of the most successful online dating sites in the world today.

  2. Users of the site have the capability to learn more things about the person or persons they are interested in that are included in the roster of members of SpeedDate (instead of just some old, run of the mill, and boring system where users just check out the profiles of the person or persons he or she is interested in) such as:

    • Some of their aspirations, objectives and goals in life
    • Some of the people that influenced them
    • What are their past experiences that mold them how they are today
    • What kind of person they are right now
    • How the conversation would flow between them
  3. The service that SpeedDate offers is actually very similar to the speed dating services being conducted around the world and has been considered as one of the most successful match making systems around today. An additional benefit that users of the site will have is that they will have all the advantages of speed dating all in the comfort of their own homes.

  4. The users will not have a hard time in taking advantage and using of the service because it is very user friendly. As such prospective users and the person or persons they are interested in will not have a hard time in using the service itself since SpeedDate made the program efficient and effective in the sense that anyone who wishes to use the same can utilize the program just by signing up and registering their accounts for regular membership. Moreover, the system and the program itself is very handy (in fact, the Speed Date service can also be used on any iPhone available to the user).

  5. In order to get to know the person or persons they are interested in communicating with further and better, the users of Speed Date website can simply log on to the site. After the user had log on to his account in Speed Date site, he or she can now start their speed dating activities by going on quick 3-5 minute communication window with the person he or she is interested in. The good thing about this is that, if the user and the person he or she is interested in had agreed to extend their communication (through instant messaging and/or video chat) by two minutes and enjoy each other’s company further. At the end of which, they can agree to share each other’s personal contact information in the hope that they will be able to physically meet soon in the real world and build a close and mutual relationship. Moreover, whether the user succeeded in getting the personal contact information of the other person is immaterial since he or she (the user) will be able to move on to the next match and start the speed dating process all over again!


  • Prospective users can simply sign up and start immediately on the service without paying anything.
  • Instant messaging services, chat and video call.
  • 3-5 minute speed dating activity
  • Option to extend the 5 minute speed dating activity by another 2 minutes
  • There are always people that the user can meet wherever he or she may be in the world.
  • The user can use instant messaging, webcam chat, and live audio chat to get in touch with members that the user has been on speed date before. This gives the user a chance to get the personal contact information of the other person when he is unable to do so during the 3-5 minute speed date service.
  • There is an exclusive in-site mail service that can be used by members of the site to send their messages to other members that he or she may be interested
  • The user can use an exclusive option to contact the person or persons he or she is interested in.
  • The user can send a wink to other members of the dating site to let them know that he or she is interested in that person with the hope of communicating and sharing their own personal contact information with each other.
  • The user can utilize the exclusive and comprehensive browse and search functions to look for person or persons that they may be interested in. From this point on, the user can choose to get in touch with the person or persons he or she is interested in having a romantic relationship by sending a wink and using the mail message service of the site.

Disadvantages of SpeedDate

  • The 3-5 minute speed dating activity may not be enough to get to know the other person so as to share to him or her the user’s personal contact information.

Advantages of SpeedDate

  • Users will be able to meet and greet an average of 15 people per hour.
  • There is an extensive customer support for the inquiring clientele.
  • The user can utilize profile building tools to enhance his or her identity in the web.
  • There is a quick and handy notification system where the user will be notified if someone tried to contact him or her.
  • The user can choose to use the service in his iPhone and avail the service wherever and whenever he or she wishes to